Sunday, 22 March 2015

No-bake Flapjack

When one is without an oven, one must simply make do.

No-bake Flapjack

Ahh the humble flapjack. So often overlooked in favour over a double choc cookie but a brilliant companion to a good cuppa. I have always been a fan, perhaps because my mum has such a good recipe for them. 

These a not buttery baked flapjacks with a crunchy top. If you are looking for that recipe click here.

But wait! These little beauties are easy to make, sticky, sweet and nutty. And I reckon you could even call them breakfast!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Nanny's Welsh Cakes


This is the only thing I remember my Nan baking or cooking but they are divine. Now also known as 'Mum's welsh cakes' or 'Aunty Carole's welsh cakes', they are a firm family favourite all year round.

Because welsh cakes are cooked on the hob rather than baked in the oven, they are one of the few sweet treats I can make in my non-existent Thai kitchen. And so today in 38 degree heat with no bake stone, rolling pin or accurate scales, I celebrated St. David's day and a rugby victory by making my favourite cakes.