Thursday, 19 April 2012

Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cake

Looking forward to a Sunday lunch with mine and my boyfriend’s families, I offered to bring dessert. My options were restricted by the fact that mum can’t eat wheat and my dad doesn’t believe in pudding without chocolate. I came across Gluten Free Goddesses Chocolate Truffle Cake (recipe found here)which seemed to be mainly chocolate, cream, sugar and eggs. Sounded perfect to me and wonderfully easy :)

I replaced the vanilla extract with Baileys (a bit of a trait of mine!); and added some almond meal to make it a bit more ‘cake’ than truffle’ and decorated with cocoa powder and white chocolate. It went down very well. I must say that it was definitely a dessert rather than a cake and perhaps more just chocolate! Nevertheless it tasted wonderful, especially teamed with a few strawberries and a generous serving of cream.

I will certainly be keeping this in my collection of gluten free sweet treats.

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