Sunday, 17 June 2012

Cake Pops

I am not very good at sticking to recipes but I have been trying to writing them down and post them a) because people had said they would like to see recipes on the blog and b) because it helps me when I make a recipe again. However when it came to these I'm afraid it was very much a case of chuck it all in and see what happens.

I have seen cake pops 'popping' up everywhere but not given them a go yet. I had some cakes leftover from various things which weren't going to get eaten and some buttercream from where I'd overestimated quite how many mini cupcakes I needed to make and I thought this would be a good way of transforming it all into something more special. I crumbled the cake (mainly red velvet with one cucumber cake) into a bowl. I then added the buttercream (I used cream cheese frosting because that's what I had leftover) and mixed until it all stuck together. It's probably worth adding the frosting a bit at a time until you get the right consistency - you want it to stick together but not be too sloppy. Now put the bowl in the fridge and leave it for 30mins - 1 hr (longer is fine).

I then melt chocolate and dipped in the ends of the sticks (I didn't have lolly stick so used kebab ones)then left to cool/set. I moulded the cake mixture into balls and push the sticks into the balls. I think my mixture was a bit too sloppy so I put the pops in the freezer to set. Once firm I dipped the cake pops in the melted chocolate so that they were covered. Let the chocolate set and voila!

They went down very well but are extremely sweet! I think next time I would use plain chocolate to counter the sweetness. A lot of recipes use candy melts - I don't really know what these are to be honest but can't help thinking they must make them even sweeter.

Next I need to practise decorating the cake pops!


  1. these look good! youre right about cake pops being waaay sweeter, they well are, the only good thing about them is they come in loads of different colours!

    1. Have you used the candy melts then? Where did you buy them from?