Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday afternoon essentials: Scones

This post was supposed to be written a while ago but job related stress and excitement have somewhat a taken over the past week over so!

I was really happy when my boyfriend's mum asked me to bring round scones as I had actually never made them before (despite consuming a fair few!) I was also a little nervous as scones a kind of a staple that everyone who bakes should be able to whip up – failure was not an option.

I have learnt that in times of uncertainty, Mary Berry will always be there for me. Well at least her baking bible will be - unless I’ve lost it down the back of the book shelf. Flicking through the ‘bible’ there were several scone recipes but shouldn’t you can’t go wrong with Mary’s 'very best' scones with a few handfuls of sultanas thrown in to make some classic fruit scones.

Unfortunately I don’t have a fluted cutter so I had to make do with a straight edged one (another thing to add to my wish list!). Overall I was fairly pleased though - I couldn't say they were uniform but they sure tasted good with raspberry jam and a dollop of cream!

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  1. Homemade scones are wonderful especially with a cup of tea when the weather starts getting chilly. These look lovely. Blessings, Catherine