Saturday, 27 April 2013

Thai Cakes

Where to begin? It feels like so much has happened since I last blogged; I have been desperate to write about it but my laptop is in the computer hospital :(

My boyfriend and I had an amazing trip to visit our friends in Thailand. Having never been to Asia before, everything was new to me and all my senses were in for a treat! I won't bore you all with the day by day account that my family had to endure but I will share a few photos with you and a bit about my food adventure....

The food was amazing - definitely some of the best I've ever tasted. Everything was just so full of flavour; we tried something different each night and (with the exception of a big smelly fruit!) there was nothing I didn't love! The Thai way of eating is to each have a small plate/bowl of rice and share meat and vegetable dishes which you add a small amount at a time to your rice. I think this is perfect as you get to try several dishes and go back for more of your favourite!

They're not big into desserts/cake (why would you be with so much fresh pineapple and mango available?!) but we did find a cupcakery in Bangkok. I tried a white chocolate and macadamia cupcake which was topped with whipped cream instead of buttercream. Despite the fact that I'm not a huge fan of cream, I loved the cupcake (the cream had definitely been sweetened!).  This kind of thing is fairly exclusive to the Thai 'high society' but I did also try some more authentic Thai cakes...

These are local to Nakon Sawan, the town where our friends had been living for the past two and a half years. I can't say that they are cake as we know it; one is very dry and the other is very soft and elastic like uncooked bread dough! They both come in very bright colours and a variety of flavours (I could identify coconut, chocolate and strawberry - the rest were a mystery to me!) - I can't say that I'll be getting the recipe!

I do however have a Thai recipe book and a collection of pastes and spices - ready and raring to poorly recreate some amazing dishes!

In a other news, on arriving back in the UK we announced that we are getting married in August so our lives are now a whirlwind of venue bookings, flower arrangements, big smiles and moments of 'I just can't believe it' !

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