Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Cake Decorating

A few more photos of my cake decorating and proof that I have no idea what I'm doing....

A year ago I didn't know how to cover a cake with sugarpaste. I had never really worked with it at all apart from an extremely poor attempt at making a football themed 21st birthday cake for my boyfriend! So I've very much taught myself as I go along, as much out of necessity as anything. This process occasionally involves me discovering that I'm 'doing it all wrong'!

Up until recently I have covered all my cakes with a layer of buttercream and then put the sugarpaste on. I have struggled to achieve that smooth, finished look with my sugarpaste and I now realise that this is because I haven't left the buttercream to set before covering with sugarpaste. I've started doing this with the last few cakes I've made and have really noticed the difference.

 The cake below is a chocolate cake which I covered in chocolate ganache instead of buttercream. This creates even more defined and smooth edges and I will definitely continue to use ganache on chocolate cakes.

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