Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Wedding Feast

Apologies for being so absent recently, I have been rather busy getting married! I am also in the middle of changing jobs and moving but I will be back to baking and blogging soon I promise! In the mean time I thought I would share some photos of the baked goods we had on offer for our 'big day'.

Our wedding was very much a DIY affair, I called in a lot of favours to make bunting, chutney, cake stands, flower arrangements, cookies - the list goes on! For food we opted for a hog roast instead of a traditional 3 course meal and then a table of cheese, bread, crackers and chutney later in the evening. Pudding was a tables of cakes, biscuits and other sweet treats made my myself, my friends and family.

Our actual wedding cake took centre stage and was created by my colleague Hannah at The Pink Flamingo Bakery. The top layer was an orange sponge (coloured red and orange) filled with orange cream cheese frosting and covered with dark chocolate ganache. The bottom layer was carrot cake, filled with cream cheese frosting and covered with a white chocolate ganache - it was divine. The teacup with orange and red flowers in it fitted perfectly with our colour scheme and the teapots we used as table centres.

My very talented cousin made gorgeous chocolate lollipops in dark and white chocolate which were decorated to fit in with our colour scheme. We displayed them in jam jars and they were very popular!

When Matt and I first went to Paris together, we bought a lemon tart from a patisserie near the Sacre Couer. The perfect pastry, zesty lemon filling and sweet italian meringue topping was so mouth watering that we named it 'the best tart in the world'. I thought it was only right that our favourite tart should feature at our wedding!

My husbands surname is 'King' and although I decided not to take his name I thought it would be nice to include a reference to his name. So my friend made some deliiiiicious vanilla shortbread in crown shapes. She used gold beads and edible lustre spray to make them look extra regal!

We had a few gluten intolerant guests and I obviously didn't want them to miss out on pudding! I made a rather boozy fruit cake which even I liked, and I don't usually eat fruit cake (isn't it amazing what a bottle of brandy can do?!). Gluten free versions of fruit cake work well as there's a lot less flour than sponge cakes and no raising agent. I also adapted the hummingbird chocolate cupcake recipe by replacing the flour and adding 1/2 tsp xantham gum and made mini cupcakes.

I gathered together jam jars, baskets, boards and cake stands to display the sweet treats. My sister made some cake stands from old sherry glasses and plates and a friend of my mum's made the stand for the wedding cake from wooden logs!

So now that I am left with empty cake stands, it's time for me to get creative to the kitchen again - be back soon!

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