Monday, 11 March 2013

My Little Paris Kitchen

I love Paris. I first visited four years and fell in love from the first moment I turned a corner and saw the Eiffel Tower. Then it snowed and that was it!

I took my boyfriend for a birthday weekend away last week. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in a flat and so could cook for ourselves to keep the weekend both cheaper and slightly healthier (not that we managed to stay away from the wine and pastries!) Our flatmate is a veggie so we took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some meaty dishes.

Eggy bread (my favourite breakfast!) with ham and poached egg

Chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and a lentil salad

Rare steak with mushrooms. tomatpes and sweet potato chips

We visited the largest organic food market in Europe to put together a picnic to eat in Luxembourg Gardens. The smell of cheese, chicken and sauteed potatoes were enough to make anyone hungry! We gathered together some cheese, bread, ham, salad and tarts to enjoy despite the Parisian frost.

We visited a little bakery where three years ago we discovered what we now refer to as 'the best tart in the world' (others might call it tart au citron with Italian meringue). Unfortunately they didn't have it this time but we chose two delicious tarts to enjoy under in the shadows of the Sacre Coeur.

So after a wonderful, food filled weekend we sank into our Eurostar seats, rested our aching feet and slept our way across the channel.
I'll be back soon with cakes and recipes :)

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