Friday, 15 August 2014

Life in Thailand

In April we packed our bags and left the UK for the sunny (sweaty) shores (we are yet to see the sea) of Thailand. So we have swapped potato wedges for fried rice and baked goods for coconut milk. 

Iced coffees
Iced drinks are a necessary treat to survive the heat!

The food is delicious - everything is fried and sugary so if course it is! In true Thai style, we don't have a kitchen so ours meals are usually bought from a market or street side restaurant. This is a great convenience but I do miss cooking and particularly baking. Having loved baking so much that I started a blog, then started selling cakes at a local market and then making it my day job; it feels very strange not to be baking at all.

Khao Soi
Khao Soi - one of our favourite Thai dishes 

Thai Food
Dinner: Khao Yam followed by a pudding of mango, sticky rice and coconut milk. Heaven.

Our 'kitchen' now consists of a single hob on our small balcony and is used just occasionally for boiling water for coffee or making omelettes or fried rice. But having been to a baking seminar a few weeks ago, I am now equipped with an apron and a determination to continue creating sweet treats.

So my new missions is to utilise my pans and fridge to create 'no bake' goodies. First up is oat pancakes which we will be enjoying for Saturdays breakfast :)

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