Monday, 25 August 2014

Salted caramel popcorn bites


In the UK we had a popcorn machine that made air popped popcorn. This meant we ate A LOT of popcorn, telling ourselves that because there was no butter or oil it would probably make us live forever!

This stuff is more likely to make your teeth fall out than make you live for ever but I won't tell your dentist if you don't! It's a great snack for a movie or games night but be warned: there are very moreish! I ate so many my mouth hurt!


This is a mega easy and cheap treat - perfect for a last minute get together. All you need is corn kernels, butter, caster sugar, salt and water.

  • Heat butter in a pan, once it is 'sizzling' add the corn kernels and put the lid on the pan to avoid popcorn flying everywhere! Once you can hear that the corn has stopped popping, pour it out onto a baking tray lined with baking paper (or in my case onto a frying pan as I currently have no baking trays!)
  • Next make the caramel. Cover the bottom of your pan with a decent layer of sugar (so that you can't see the bottom of your pan). Add enough water to just cover the sugar. Put that pan onto a medium heat and wait for the water and sugar to start to boil.
*DO NOT STIR! If you do the sugar will crystallise which is not good! Watch the mixture change colour, it should start to yellow and get darker - DO NOT LOOK AWAY! I know, it gets boring and it's tempting but I guarantee you the moment you turn away to check your phone is the moment your caramel burns!
  • If you need to, give the pan the odd shake to make sure the mixture has an even colour. Once the mixture is a copper colour take it off the heat and stir in a knob of butter and a couple of pinches of salt. Quickly whisk it together and drizzle over your popcorn. I then formed the popcorn into little balls, using the caramel to stick it together. (be careful, the caramel is very hot!)
*Apologies for the lack of measurements - I need to invest in some scales or cups. But this is the kind of thing where you can throw in a bit o' this and a bit o' that! In fact I think some peanuts would make a great addition!

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