Sunday, 26 October 2014

Penang: it's all about the roti!

Naan Bread

I want to stay in Penang and eat Indian curry with my hands forever. Scrap that, I'm moving to India!

After a morning of walking around Georgetown, we were hungry and in need of a good lunch. Pausing outside an Indian cafe, we were beckoned in and ordered the vegetarian banana leaf set (it seemed to be necessary to order before we could sit down).

A large banana leaf was placed in front of each of us and then curries, rice and pappadams were heaped onto the leaf. The waiters felt sorry for us and gave us cutlery but there was no way we were missing out on the fun, so we got stuck in with our hands! It was delicious, we were stuffed and it cost us 10 Malaysian Ringit (about £2).


Dinner was a similar feast - I'm pretty sure we broke all the rules by insisting we had roti when the waiter really wanted us to have chapati instead! We accidentally ordered too much (no surprises there!) and left happy but so full I almost felt sick!

The following day, after conquering the jungles and inclines of Penang Hill all morning, we indulged ourselves with an array of samosas, bhajis, sweat breads (and other things that frankly I don't know the name of but they are deep fried and tasty and that's all I needed to know!).

Georgetown is a vibrant and interesting little city, it's bustling atmosphere outdone only by the incredible food on offer! Next stop, Kuala Lumpur and needless to say we'll be stocking up on deep fried finger food for the journey.


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