Sunday, 9 November 2014

Lab Made ice cream

I’m pretty sure this is about as edgy as ice cream gets!

Made to order in what look like KitchenAids there seems to be some kind of witchcraft involved. The steam of the liquid nitrogen seeps out of the shop, shrouding the whole place in mystery.


*photos taken from Lab Made's Facebook page:

Matt’s sister introduced us to this great little spot in Hong Kong when we visited her in April. Six months later we ended up back here on 30th October so naturally there was a Halloween twist. 

As you would expect, the flavours are suitably ‘quirky’ - you won’t be finding strawberry or vanilla here! There are normally just about 4 flavours which change every few weeks. Last time I think I had blueberry muesli flavour which was delicious and has crunchy granola pieces - basically a breakfast ice cream!

This time we sample 'Muddy Graveyard' which was chocolate and peanut butter ice cream topped with crushed biscuit and popping candy and 'Bloody Tears' which was raspberry, white chocolate, coconut and almond. The Chocolate and peanut butter was obviously delicious - you can’t really go wrong with that flavour combination - but my favourite was 'Bloody Tears'. It sounds like there might be too many flavours going on but it just worked! The ice cream was white chocolate with almond pieces and it was topped with purple coconut shavings, blueberry coulis and an eyeball made from white chocolate. I had to stop myself from going back for more!



I don’t know whether similar places exist in other cities but I would definitely recommend paying Lab Made ice-cream a visit if you are in Hong Kong. Apart from the fact that the ice cream is scrumptious, it’s an exciting experience watching your ice cream being made especially for you in a matter of seconds!

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