Monday, 16 February 2015

Pancakes three ways...


We're out of gas for our hob (we have no kitchen, just a single hob ring and a gas canister - it's a sad state of affairs) so it looks like we might not be having pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. To be fair though, pancakes are a fairly regular breakfast for us so don't feel too sorry for us!

So instead of making something I thought I'd reblog three pancake recipes that I've made in the past. They are all sweet pancakes because, well I just have a sweet tooth!

For the vegan...

Vegan Pancakes

I made these when I was vegan during January. Maybe I was just desperate but my husband (who is neither vegan nor a big fan of bananas) also enjoyed them so they must be ok.....
Get the recipe HERE

For the health conscious...

Healthy Pancakes

These were a typical weekend brekkie when I was doing Slimming World. Topped with plenty of fruit it makes a tasty and healthy start to the day!
(I  think their plan may have changed since I did it but I used my Healthy Extra B for this and a low syn yoghurt so that one oration worked out at no more than 1 syn.) 
Get the recipe HERE

For the rebel in you...

Banana Pancakes

Ok so these sound weird and the photo is TERRIBLE but they're delicious, versatile and one of your five a day! Use whatever fruit you fancy or have in the house and have fun - you could even cut small slices and have lots of mini pancakes! This pin demonstrates the possibilities far better than I have
Get the recipe HERE

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