Thursday, 31 May 2012

Foodie Pen Pals

I mentioned foodie pen pals in my last post and today is reveal day! A little bit about foodie pen pals: the project was started by Lindsay at in the US and more recently Carole-Ann at has started a UK and Europe version. I found out about foodiepenpals through Fee at and my inner foodie couldn't resist!

Each month you get matched with someone to send a food parcel to and in turn someone else sends you a parcel of goodies. This month Libby at was my foodie pen pal. I was looking forward to the arrival of my parcel but it was even better than I could have imagined - i think Libby knows me better than I do! Here is the contents of my box:

Libby sent me:

- some mini union jack cupcake cases which I'm going to use to make jubilee cupcakes for the pageant on Sunday

- Some special jubilee tea which I haven't tried yet but I'm off all next week so I think I'll enjoy them over a leisurely breakfast :)

- some mini packs of Teapigs tea - one choclate and one caramel. I tried these straight away - a brilliant way to keep me away from the biscuit tin in the evening!

- this fantastic little gadget for removing the centre of cupcakes for filling with jam, ganache, peanut butter, nutella, salted caramel - the possibilities are endless....! I haven't used it yet but I'll be sure to blog the results when I do!

- Finally, I saved the very best to last. This is the proof that Libby had definitely had a good look at my blog. Last month I made a chocolate bacon cake (more accurately, in the end I made five!) and converted many a sceptic. Libby absolutely made my day/week/month by sending me..... Bacon Jam! I don't know where she found it but it is wonderful!

I can't express how happy my foodie pen pals parcel had made me - Libby had obviously really thought into what she sent which made it really special.

I definitely recommend foodie pen pals for anyone who is a foodie at heart. Take a look here for more info and to sign up.


  1. I almost bought my foodie penpal some bacon jam!

    1. It's delicious - I'd definitely recommend trying it :)

  2. Such a thoughtful parcel. I'm seeing the phrase 'bacon jam' around a lot these days, I'm going to have to jump on the bandwagon myself!