Sunday, 14 September 2014

Frozen yoghurt cubes

Frozen Yoghurt

This was a bit of a 'what can I freeze in my ice cube tray' experiment and basically involved me mashing up bananas and yoghurt. About as simple as you get but with a pretty tasty result.

I used four mini bananas (I reckon two regular bananas) and 600ml of coconut yoghurt to fill one ice cube tray. I used my hands to mash the bananas until they were liquid and then whisked in the yoghurt. Spoon into the ice cube tray and put in the freezer.

I thought that these cold treats could do with a bit of a crunch so I fried up some oats and sugar until golden brown. When the cubes are almost frozen but still slightly soft I sprinkled the oats over half of the cubes.

They were tasty little cubes and a great way to use up bananas if there are some hanging around but they really came into they're own when I popped them into my iced coffee. YUM! A perfect way to chill hot on a Saturday afternoon in sweaty Thailand.

Frozen Yoghurt

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